• Type of startup : Science of engineering, TIC
  • Date of entry : 20/10/2017
  • Date of exit : 20/04/2019
  • Associated laboratory(ies) : INRA Montpellier, IMBE Marseille
  • See the website

Neflio.fr : Intelligent garden design solution.

To get started , you indicate the address of the garden to be developed. Using geolocation, Neflio will show you the physical data of the site* (climate, hardiness, soil ph, humidity…).

Neflio will pre-select the plants adapted to your site. Neflio’s algorithms calculate a list of plants that is balanced (% of grasses, perennials, ground covers, shrubs…) so that the garden has visual interest throughout the year. Once the plant list is generated, you can change the plants if there are some you don’t like and Neflio will recalculate the quantities to ensure the result remains as true as possible to the pre-selected style. You are the designer!