• Type of startup : Science of engineering
  • Date of entry : 09/07/2020
  • Date of exit : 08/07/2022
  • Associated laboratory(ies) : Polytech'Lab Sophia Antipolis, ENTPE LGCB Lyon, Polytech-Locie Chambéry, INSA MATEIS Lyon, CEATech Chambéry
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Development of a complete chain of machines and mobile equipment for the production and installation of large prefabricated elements and site concretes, using raw clay and all geo-sourced spoil (excavated earth and demolition spoil) to transform it into construction materials for buildings and associated developments.

Faced with the urgent need to protect the environment in the construction sector, which is responsible for a large number of environmental impacts, it is imperative to :

  • reduce the carbon footprint
  • save non-renewable resources
  • avoid as much as possible, if not recycle, building waste, reduce landfill sites, etc.

MacroTerre” reasoned solution: MOVE TO OPTIMAL USE OF GEO-SOURCED MATERIALS (by combining them with BIO-SOURCED MATERIALS)