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Frequently Asked Questions

Intervention of startup advisors, advice from the selection committees, training programmes, methodologies, will all be available to help you to specify your needs and adjust your entrepreneurial project to launch it.

In addition to the experience acquired by the incubator’s startup advisors, we combine the use of available business experts from our network, and we create opportunities for informal exchanges between incubating or experienced entrepreneurs.

The incubation of public research is intended for you; it is oriented towards projects with high potential carried by professionals from the private sector or public research. The selection committee will focus particularly on the following points:

– The innovative nature of the project
– The fact that the project is backed by a public research laboratory. The incubator team and its partners can help you open discussions with a laboratory if you have not already done so. L’équipe de l’incubateur et ses partenaires peuvent vous aider dans l’ouverture des discussions avec un laboratoire si vous n’en avez pas initiées.
– The technical feasibility and timing
– The economic feasibility and market potential
– The commitment of skills within the team
– The establishment in the Alpes-Maritimes or the Var
– The status linked to intellectual property intellectuelle

The “Entrepreneurial Maturation” program is designed for you: it focuses on the design of a business creation and research development project, and on your position as a researcher (and entrepreneur?). It is accessible to laureates of the technological maturation programs of the incubator’s members.

The national Student-Entrepreneur status can be awarded to you by the Pépite Paca-Est network, and gives you access to complementary courses, mentoring and the possibility of being advised and supported by the incubator, a Pépite member.

The Travel Camp Sud challenge is open to all innovative project leaders in the tourism and event industry. It offers the unique opportunity to win an incubation program in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region within Provence Travel Innovation or Linkeus Incubation.

The Traj’EC4 program is intended for you. It has selected projects and companies from all sectors. Applications are currently closed, but do not hesitate to contact us, we will enquire for other opportunities.

ESA BIC Sud France is available to you, based on the following criteria, you must:

– Be a registered company of less than 5 years
– Have a link with the aerospace industry
– Justify a local counterpart of at least 25k€ (BPI or regional grant)
– Be on the territory of ESA BIC Sud France & be supported by a member or partner incubator

The services we provide

To help entrepreneurs in their progress, Incubateur Provence-Côte d’Azur provides advice, support and personalized connections thanks to a startup advisor, ad hoc training and shared resources (expertise, software, etc.). In some cases, it can also provide financial advance (repayable in the event of registration) as well as premises via our public incubator partners (this includes meeting rooms).

The programs we provide

Public Research Incubation with MESR/Deeptech

Public Research Incubation with MESR/Deeptech

Dedicated to high value-added innovations linked with french public reasearch labs, our flagship program is supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

This program is aimed at private entrepreneurs wishing to collaborate with a French public research laboratory, as well as with researcher-entrepreneurs from public laboratories, in all sectors of activity.

After being selected by an external committee and during 18 months of incubation, the entrepreneurs will be accompanied by a referent startup advisor, in particular for the preparation of the i-Lab Innovation Contest. A financial advance, reimbursable in case the company becomes registered, is committed in agreement with the project leaders to purchase external services. To be eligible to application, the company must not have been created or for less than 6 months.

This -Deeptech- program is supported by the MESR and is the heart of the incubator's activity: it welcomes 15 new projects every year.

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MESR/DeepTech Entrepreneurial Maturation

MESR/DeepTech Entrepreneurial Maturation

Carried out in partnership with the development departments of major universities and research institutes, for projects in the design and technological maturation phase.

This program is intended for researchers-entrepreneurs in the maturation phase of an innovation to create a company. The program proposes to save time by improving the entrepreneurial dimension. In particular, it helps them to find a path to market, to constitute an entrepreneurial team around them and to further design their project.

It is open to laureates of the incubator members' technological maturation programs (Idex UCA JEDI Startup DeepTech, 3IA Côte d'Azur Startup, Young Innovative Doctors of the PACA region, MESR i-PhD innovation competition, MinesParisTech Spinoff and BPIFrance).

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Incubator for Innovative Tourism with Linkeus Incubation

Incubator for Innovative Tourism with Linkeus Incubation

Dedicated to companies projects which propose innovation in the tourism and events markets or innovative products in these sectors.

This structure is aimed at the holders of innovative tourism products or of promising innovation useful to the tourism market; in particular in the business tourism and event tourism sectors. Linkeus Incubation associates the Paca-Est Incubator with Linkeus and local tourism players.

For 12 months, entrepreneurs benefit from the support of an incubator business manager, as well as of the network of partners, thematic workshops, operations and can utilize the visibility of Linkeus. This program hosts half of the 20-or-so projects selected via Travelcamp Sud: it is supported by the Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and it operates in a network with Provence Travel Innovation.

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Student-Entrepreneur Incubator in collaboration with PEPITE PACA EST

Student-Entrepreneur Incubator in collaboration with PEPITE PACA EST

Support for student entrepreneurs enrolled in the Student-Entrepreneur University Diploma is provided during the materialization of their entrepreneurial project.

The structure is intended for Pépite Paca-Est students who are holders of an entrepreneurial project. This program includes the support of a startup advisor for a period of 6 to 12 months. It provides advice and coaching to help projects mature, secure the launch of such projects and prepare applications for competitions, in particular those of foundations as well as the Pépite and i-PhD innovation competitions. Such competitions are initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and support the innovative business creation projects from students and young graduates.

Through Pépite Paca-Est, about twenty project leaders who obtain the National Student-Entrepreneur Status (SNEE) and who are enrolled in the Student-Entrepreneur University Diploma -or innovators- are supported every year.

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Aerospace Industry Incubator with ESA BIC Sud France

Aerospace Industry Incubator with ESA BIC Sud France

Aimed at entrepreneurs who develop and exploit technologies, know-how and data for the space sector and for all other sectors.

The structure is aimed at entrepreneurs who develop technologies, know-how or data from the space sector for the same sector or for other sectors of activity: ESA BIC Sud France provides a two-year package of dedicated services, such as support from the Incubateur Provence-Côte d’Azur and the consortium's network, 80 hours of technical expertise from CNES, access to CNES and ESA "startup" facilities, as well as funding up to the amount of local subsidies.

The structure is supported by a consortium of incubators, the SAFE cluster and Aérospace Valley competitiveness clusters, as well as the CNES (Centre national d'Etudes Spatiales), is accredited by the European Space Agency (ESA). Each year, the program selects around 20 projects from young companies, 15% of which are located in the PACA area.

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Sustainable business model incubator with Traj’EC4

Sustainable business model incubator with Traj’EC4

Focused to the development of innovative projects with a low environmental footprint through a functional, cooperative and circular economy approach.

Since the beginning of 2022, about twenty innovative project leaders, located in all sectors of activity, have been supported, in order to develop economic models which have low environmental impact.

Beyond the business model, Traj'EC4 includes a phase of practical experimentation of the enterprise economic model, and also takes into account market entry, financing and the team involved. Traj'EC4 relies on ImmaTerra, an expert in the operational support of companies working towards sustainable business models. In addition, the Paca-Est Incubator has partnered with the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and TVT Innovation. Traj'EC4 is technically and financially supported by ADEME and the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region, as part of the State-Region Plan Contract.

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