• Type of startup : TIC
  • Date of entry : 13/01/2021
  • Date of exit : 12/01/2022
  • Associated laboratory(ies) : INRIA Sophia Antipolis
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AltGency is a digital platform meant to facilitate and automatize the post-issuance management of corporate loans. Throuhout the tenor of a transaction, an efficient loan agency is key to ensure a proper risk management and support the fruitful development of commercial relationships. Yet, this activity lacks dedicated IT systems and remains widely handled manually. Sylvain Pagès and Oliver Pigeon, two ex-structured finance bankers, have decided to tackle this issue through the launch of Altgency, a solution built on blockchain technologies.
Tailor-made smart contracts will enable banks to automatize the bulk of the tasks and reduce redtape. Data reliability will also be enhanced, to accelerate information & financial flows between the various parties of the deal.