• Type of startup : Science of engineering
  • Date of entry : 04/12/2012
  • Date of exit : 19/12/2014
  • Associated laboratory(ies) : Institut de recherches biomédicales des armées
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O² POTLESS is an innovative company, specialized in R&D around human activity in extreme environments.

Its areas of expertise and patents concern in particular:

  • Prolonged stays in dry or wet hyperbaric conditions and associated respiratory problems (professional and military diving);
  • Rescue of submarines in distress and survival in confined atmospheres;
  • Raising awareness of the risks associated with altitude hypoxia (parachuting, aircraft crews);
  • Monitoring and regulating the atmosphere in breathing chambers or loops;
  • Design, programming and integration of specialised electronic circuits.
    Development of decision support and HMI software;
  • Prototyping/modelling;